How to play ‘Ride The Lightning’ by Metallica Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs pt1

TUNING: (Requirement) E A D G B E.

Hello men! Invite to lesson 125 (part 1) of Learn That Solo! Today we take a look at the best ways to play the solo from 'Trip The Lightning' by Metallica.

Alright punks I did it … You bothered and pestered away! Now it's done! I can't believe I never ever made the effort to learn this one. It's actually one of Kirk's finest. There's a seriously ridiculous quantity of win on Ride the Lightning!

Please keep in mind that this is only part 1. I'll get cracking on part 2 ASAP!

Area 1 Tips:.

This area begins with some pretty fast triplet taps. I just practiced getting the pulse right on my right hand initially. You can just tap 8 quavers per bar then attempt add the left hand in. It's actually essential that the pulse of the taps is right so that you stay in time. May be worth brushing up on some easier tapping licks and workouts. 'One' by Metallica readies and naturally VAn Halen's 'Eruption' is another terrific one to take a look at if you wish to develop your tapping chops.

Section 3 & 4 Tips:.

These 2 sections are primarily the F# minor box shape on the 14th and 17th fret area. It's generally quickly, 2 finger legato in semi quavers (or sixteenth notes) over that pentatonic box shape. The positions and shapes are fine however it does jump from a straight semi quaver feel to a quaver triplet feel sometimes.

Make sure people! Happy shredding!

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34 thoughts on “How to play ‘Ride The Lightning’ by Metallica Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs pt1

  1. This a a strong compliment Chris. I have been on youtube doing lessons from every person I could find. You are by far the fastest and cleanest player of anyone on youtube I have ran across. Even the hardest Avenged Sevenfold songs you seem to be almost bored playing them. You have incredible skills. I would wager you are better than a lot of the guitarists that write these songs. MAD SKILLS bro!!!! Any band would be lucky to have you. If I had your skills, I would be interviewing for some big bands if and when the opportunity arose. Keep doing what your doing. You lessons are amazing and have helped me tremendously.

    1. he slows down the recordings to learn these solos by ear. note for note. as well as that he has been a guitar player for over 20 years so he’s had enough time to improve his general technique and speed

  2. My salmon pink discount store guitar only has 22 frets and i’m struggling to get my hand down there on that 22 bend, when I get a better guitar im going for 24 frets cause this is ridiculous

  3. I really like the way you teach it. You tell what you’re doing, stick to main points, and provide tabs as you go along. All of that makes me appreciate your videos more. Definitely earned the sub! 👍

  4. Chris .. Honestly you are the BEST freakin guitar teacher hands down! I am playing songs I could only dream of because of you!

    1. Start at half bpm and then slowly raise it until you get to full speed. play with a metronome. Or learn another tapping section first and build it up that way.

  5. Chris I want to thank you because I’m getting alot better thanks to your videos and I couldn’t do that without you, keep up the good work, you are awesome 🙂

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