Instant Crush – Daft Punk – Tutorial – Guitar Lesson – Tabs – Cover

The best ways to play 'Instant Crush' from the brand-new Daft Punk album Random Gain access to Memories. I have actually consisted of tabs and review each section gradually. Don't hesitate to message me if you have any concerns.

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21 thoughts on “Instant Crush – Daft Punk – Tutorial – Guitar Lesson – Tabs – Cover

  1. I’m super confused ha.. everywhere I’ve looked says the same chords F, D, A, G etc.. all the video tutorials and tabs say the same thing. BUT everyone (and most importantly the SONG) is a semitone higher, so F# not F.. unless the use of a capo automatically means “everyone play a semitone sharp”? And I’m not convinced that everyone is wrong, I’m convinced there’s something I don’t know – I invite someone to put me out of my misery! Cheers ! 

  2. Curtis! I appreciate your tutorial very much, it’s the best tutorial available out there.

    I have some difficulty on the part from 2:00

    Could you please explain how there is difference in sound, those palm mute and the strokes you do there?
    it would be kind of you if you replied.
    +Curtis Thorpe

  3. Amazingly done!!! Exactly like the song and even with the same vibe that I love! But I have far from the skills to play this myself sadly =’) …. ='(
    Well I’ll just keep having fun singing it untill maybe, MAYbeeeeee someday in a far, far future I’ll be virtuous enough to play it like you do! 😉

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