8 Simple Concepts For Spanish-Style Soloing & Improvisation – Guitar Lesson Tutorial w/ TAB

Learn ways to provide your Spanish-flavored solo playing some authenticity! In this extensive (however easy) lesson we'll cover a number of specialized scales, a few chord-based scales, and a couple of techniques to connect them all to the Spanish chord development. Take your playing to the next level with these awesome, yet fairly simple suggestions.

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31 thoughts on “8 Simple Concepts For Spanish-Style Soloing & Improvisation – Guitar Lesson Tutorial w/ TAB

  1. The Arabic melody that you hear when you played the Spanish has an explanation. There is a connection. Way back in the day Spain was almost entirely ruled by the Moors for over 700 years. Hence the Arabic influence is present in Spanish architecture, music, cuisine, as well with other cultural similarities.

    1. And, interestingly, the word “guitar” < Spanish guitarra < Arabic kītārah ≪ Greek kithára (dictionary.com)

    2. During the spread of Islam the muslims invaded southern ibera and eventually conquered the entire iberian peninsula. This is also true for all of North Africa, southern italy and southern france. Multible raids and conquests darkened the general skintone of the population trough years of population replacement. Spaniards are therefore a little darker than what they used to be.

  2. hey man it so helpful…can you teach us the Arabic/Egyptian scale in a separated video with more examples and improvising ?

  3. oh i got it, i know why i’m so bad at playing guitar, i don’t got a cute dog to wipe the sweat from my hand ! xD 01:36

  4. Great lesson, I’ve been trawling through youtube looking for the right stuff to help my gutar playing and this video and the one before, “8 Essential Blues Turnarounds” really hit the spot, cheers,I’m looking forward to more, thanks

  5. Very helpful. Was just searching around for a good flamenco lesson for my 9 year old and found this. He got it quick and inspired him to learn more Spanish guitar. Thank you so much!

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