How to play B major – Guitar Chords

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How to play B major Guitar Chord – quickly simple newbies tips tutorial lesson
Learn the best ways to play major, small, significant 7th, dominant 7th, minor 7th, suspended 2nd, open, chords bar (barre) chords and more.

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15 thoughts on “How to play B major – Guitar Chords

  1. Keep at them, I took me a few months, but just play them for 15 mins a day, and you WILL get them. Trust me! Just takes patience 🙂

  2. This chord is so hard but I have a flexible wrist so fingers 2-4 are on each of the strings and my first is barring. Try tilting your first finger to the right a little to the side and pushing your thumb up against the neck to get leverage. If you keep practicing for a very long time and still fail, you might want to see a guitar teacher.

  3. Having small hands isn’t the problem.

    I have two of the biggest hands of anybody I know, it’s still a difficult chord.

  4. how big ? yeti-sized hands, with fur and claws ? there’s your problem, mate. try playing the drums, instead

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