How to play B minor – Guitar Bar Chords

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Ways to play B small Guitar Chord – quick simple beginners ideas guide lesson
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Cheers, Andy

19 thoughts on “How to play B minor – Guitar Bar Chords

  1. I don’t understand it, so your index finger skips those middle strings and somehow has to get the 1st and 5th string :S

  2. I can play the Bm fine…. but when i play songs like here with out u by 2doors down, i have to lift up the middle finger but my index finger can bar the 2nd string on the 3rd fret…!

  3. People our body is the greatest machine..which constant practice it can do almost anything..this chord is hard at first but when u practice it, it is very easy

  4. If you have trouble doing the bar chord just adjust your wrist slightly back or forward, it actually helps. If it’s your first time playing this chord or all bar chords it will sound weird, but you just have to practice and once you get the hang of it it will sound right.

  5. Yes this is a good way to work up the the full car chord. I like to call that ‘almost B minor’ i cover it in my “master B minor’ video. which you can see in the videos responses section. A~

  6. Very true, the subtleties in the the angle of your wrist can make a big difference in getting it to ‘sit right’. A~

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