Ukulele Lesson 3 – Uke Open Chords: A Am A7 D Dm D7 E Em E7 – Ukulele Tutorial – [UK-003]

Ukulele Lesson 3: More Open Chords. Chord boxes and lots more handy details on the web site! In this video we'll check out Significant, Minor and 7th grips for the root keeps in mind A, D and E. That's it for the open chords, we'll be going to the movable shapes in a future lesson!

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21 thoughts on “Ukulele Lesson 3 – Uke Open Chords: A Am A7 D Dm D7 E Em E7 – Ukulele Tutorial – [UK-003]

  1. Thanks for all your efforts! I’m very Sorry to hear that apparently some scumbag broke into your studio! Hope the police finds this criminal!

  2. I have a friend in Japan who is a music teacher and been interesting me into learning ukulele and this is a great place to start, thanks for the great info!

    1. If you do come to Britain hit the south coast; Around Cornwall and Devon is the nicest place to visit in my opinion.

    2. +King Morgan Learn the best instrument on the planet (THE UKULELE) using revolutionary new techniques that cut down learning time by about one tenth.
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  3. You’re the best! I just started learning uke yesterday and now I already know how to do 12 chords because of your tutorial! Thank you so much. 💜 Will watch all your uke lessons. ☺

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