How to play Billionaire by Travis McCoy Easy Guitar Lessons Pt2 – Learn Bar Chords & Reggae Rhythms

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Ways to play 'Billionaire' by Travis McCoy Easy Song Guitar Lessons Pt2 – Learn Bar Chords & Reggae Rhythms. Play this cover tune quicker with on screen chords and rhythm.

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Why does my guitar have no pickups?

Cheers, Andy

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18 thoughts on “How to play Billionaire by Travis McCoy Easy Guitar Lessons Pt2 – Learn Bar Chords & Reggae Rhythms

  1. Dude, you’re amazing, you make it seem like you are sitting right in front of me teaching this in person, and giving me props while learning it, you are by far the best teacher on youtube!

  2. thank you!! you make it so much easier than martyzsongs teachings because you show us the fingerings and it makes more sense when i learn from you. you deserve a like 🙂

  3. i have a nylon string guitar and i cant go as high of frets like 13 and still bar i can only go to 12 but i really want to learn a reggae song on guitar

  4. @mousefire97 u need to get u a steel stiring preferrably a cutback one too….honestly nylon strings are sloppy and strings go everywhere.. you want a guitar that really has volume….the one i prefer is an esteban acoustic/ electirc cutback i got it for less that $200

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